Rocco Altobelli Salons  Greenway Research Lab

 Rocco Altobelli Sr. is an internationally renowned hairdresser, photographer, golf, and hunting enthusiast who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1972 he founded and built Rocco Altobelli, Inc., a high fashion, high quality salon company featuring an advanced education academy.  His hairstyles have been featured in hundreds of consumer and professional magazines and he continues to contribute to professional trade magazines.
heading-splitter33Full service high fashion salons featuring cutting, styling, coloring, texturizing, nails, skin care, massage, makeup, and home maintenance products.

grn12 Research, design, manufacturing, and distribution of high quality hair and beauty products with advanced technical specialists to continually develop, refine, and manufacture innovative products.
alto2  Alto bella hair care is manufactured and distributed by Greenway Research Lab.
h2t2A complete line of bath and body products made with concentrated and contemporary ingredients.